High School Cross County  |  September 13, 2016 10:36 am  |  Article Hits: 13
by Lonnie Flippen -

Elvis Tarango continues to carry the Pirate flag as the only Cross Country runner so far this year. Elvis travelled to Wink on Saturday, September 10 to run in the Wildcat's Invitational Meet. Elvis finished in 36th place with a time of 22 minutes 29 seconds which was almost three minutes faster than the Van Horn Meet which was his first meet of the year.  READ MORE
Junior High News  |  September 9, 2016 1:16 pm  |  Article Hits: 32
by Francis Sanchez -

A fun activity that Mrs. Brownfields, class has been doing is writing articles for a class newspaper. There are 2 groups, the cjn and the lone star. They have been working really hard for this newspaper. The coming up week the cjn group will have the first page and the lone star will have the second.
High School News  |  September 9, 2016 8:03 am  |  Article Hits: 43
by Jessie Garcia -

Jaclyn Garcia has gone to Valentine ISD from Pre-K all the way to her senior year, and of course she is not getting ready to graduate. She is the first, out of 2, to have the spotlight on her!

According to Jaclyn she has several colleges picked out that she wishes to attend, and will be applying to. However, she says, "I am planning to apply to The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Christian University, University of North Texas, and Texas Tech.” Although she said she has several more lined up as sort of a plan B for her in case the ones listed above don't work out. Along with picking a college Jaclyn has said she wants to take two to three trips when she finishes High School! "I have my Travel Class trip, and a family trip with a surprise trip in between that I cannot talk about at the moment. And after I hope to be moved in to the city and settled in where I will attend school, wherever that will be.”  READ MORE
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by Francis Sanchez

Mothers Day is right around the corner, Mothers Day this year is Sunday. Mrs. Brownfield's class is doing a project to give to their mothers for mothers day. The class that is doing the projects are the 5th and 6th graders she also said that that is her craftiest class.  READ MORE
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by Lonnie Flippen -

Elvis "Weather Delay" Tarango travelled to Van Horn on Thursday afternoon, September 1st for a cross country meet. Just like the last time that Elvis was scheduled to run at the state track meet last May, the weather decided to not cooperate and the boy's 3 mile run was delayed for over an hour. Just to remind those of you that followed Elvis last year, this young man is a sprinter and not necessarily a distance runner.  READ MORE
High School Track  |  May 17, 2016 1:36 pm  |  Article Hits: 2
by Tyrell Brooks -

Elvis Tarango, Valentine High School Junior, will be making his first trip as a competitor to the State Track Meet on May 13 and 14. Elvis accompanied Latham Garnsey as an observer to State last year when Latham won State in the High Jump.   READ MORE
High School Track  |  May 17, 2016 1:30 pm  |  Article Hits: 2
by Lonnie Flippen -

I am having a difficult time addressing Elvis' experience at the 2016 State Track Meet held in Austin on Saturday, May 13. Elvis was scheduled to compete in the 100 meters at 1:05 Saturday afternoon. We arrived at the track about 10:30 so we could acclimate ourselves  READ MORE