Valentine ISD joins Texas in Texas Reads One Book
Community News  |  March 30, 2017 10:20 am  |  Article Hits: 204  |  A+ | a-

by Debbie Engle -

Beginning April 4th Valentine students will join students across the state of Texas in reading The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies.

For the third year, TEXAS READS is promoting literacy by sponsoring the Texas Reads One Book program. Students, parents and communities across the state come together to read a book simultaneously. This program not only promotes literacy but also gives parents a meaningful, structured, enjoyable way to interact with their children at home.

Research has proven that reading aloud to children from infancy establishes foundational literacy skills that are necessary for a successful academic future.

Please join us April 4th at 6:00 p.m. in the Valentine Auditorium as Jason Garrett reads the first chapter with us through a video simulcast.