Valentine Radio around the Globe
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Keri Jones
Keri Jones

by Evan Means -

Everyone around this area knows that Valentine Radio is one of the best pastimes. Run by Valentine ISD teacher, Brad Bernards, Valentine Radio is something that all of the people at the school know and love because of all of the hard work that Mr. Bernards puts into it.

Mr. Bernards will often come to the students of Valentine ISD and ask if they would like to help him record or edit different things for the radio station, and everyone is always so eager to be on the radio. By being asked to be on the radio, the students at Valentine ISD are able to learn all kinds of things about what it takes to run a radio station, and they get the excitement of maybe being able to hear their own voice on the radio.

People from all over the area come to Mr. Bernards to see if they can get an advertisement on the air because it is so popular with people all over the country.

Just recently, a man from Shaftesbury, United Kingdom, was in the area and became acquainted with Valentine Radio after retuning to the UK.

Keri Jones, the man from the UK, reached out to Mr. Bernards via email, and stated, “I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I was enjoying Valentine Radio. I have operated a number of small market commercial radio stations around the UK and have been impressed by your smooth automation and the amount of local content you generate. Particularly your local news!”

He went on to say, “I have shared details of your radio station with a number of my radio management friends in Britain and I know they would be similarly impressed.”

Well folks, it looks like Valentine Radio is on the map, in more than one way of speaking!