Site Visit Proves Helpful
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Jaymie, Mickey, Jessie, Stetson, Evan, and Samantha.
Jaymie, Mickey, Jessie, Stetson, Evan, and Samantha.

by Jamie Sanchez -

One Act Play is almost here! All the nerves are still hanging around, but everyone is still doing their hardest to try to pull the play, “The Party” by Robert J. Flaherty, together.

On February 28, 2018, the Valentine High School One Act Play traveled to Pecos for a site visit. The Pecos High school is where the High School is going to perform for their district play.

The site visit was set up by the director of Valentine High School One Act Play, Ms. Karen Brownfield and the Pecos One Act Play High School Director Katie Henson.

Both directors were longtime friends and knew each other from previous competitions.

Before Ms. Brownfield moved to this area to teach, she was in Monahans. Mrs. Henson would compete in the same district as them, but have always been friendly competitors.

Ms. Brownfield had a few things to say about the visit, "It was a very productive day. We were able to get an idea for our own set and their stage before competition. That's always helpful." She also said, "Our students worked on stage with help from Mrs. Henson's theatre students. We are so grateful to her for her hospitality."

The site visit was to help the One Act Play have a general idea of the stage and the setup since Valentine is smaller and half the size of Pecos stage.

Since the sources in Valentine are limited, they went to see how the set would look like in competition. The set contains a french door, two tri-folds, two bi-folds, a window, and a regular door. Valentine is short when it comes to the french door and the bi-folds

The scene is an outdoor patio of a fifty-nine-year-old widow who lives near a golf course. The set is simple but makes it look like it is a real outdoor patio.