Samantha's Miracle
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Jordan, Ms. Brownfield, Samantha, and Evan
Jordan, Ms. Brownfield, Samantha, and Evan

by Samantha Kuhlman -

This previous week I had quite the experience down at the Marshall Auditorium at Sul Ross State University in Alpine. Myself and two other Valentine students were invited to go read our poems in the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering on Thursday.

We were invited due to the fact that the three of us had placed in the poetry competition. I had, quite miraculously, won first in the level five division, aka high school.

 I will admit, when we pulled into the auditorium parking lot I got very nervous. The idea of having to read my very blunt and personal poem was starting to not sit very well in the pit of my stomach.

I mean, how exactly did I portray that poem to people? It wasn't all that funny, not just crying-to-sleep-sad, and it wasn't without emotion. Now that makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it now? Henceforth, the position I was in at the time.

Inside, the auditorium wasn't as full as I predicted. One would think this would calm my nerves, but obviously not.

After watching Jordan read her very personal and heartfelt poem, I decided it was time to assemble myself and go read that dang poem.

First, we listened to some really interesting bluegrass country music, some insane harmonica skills, and tear-jerking cowboy poetry. Finally, the moment came when I became a nervous wreck.

After sounding childlike and sickly in front of half an auditorium while reading a very blunt poem, I finally was done. Off the spotlight, thank goodness.

All in all, the whole experience was very interesting and definitely a memory to keep.

I am sure the other two Valentine girls who placed also enjoyed the experience. This was an amazing event to go to. A real eye-opener. I definitely plan to enter the Cowboy Poetry contest again next year.