UIL Meet a Learning Experience
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by Samantha Kuhlman -

Every year SCISD in Sonora, Texas hosts a UIL Academic meet. The meet is usually held February 9 or at least has been the past two years.

Several schools attend this annual meet. Some such schools are McCamey, El Dorado, Junction, Van Horn, Comstock, Valentine, and several others.

At the meet, Ms. Brownfield stated, "there are at least twenty schools here!"

Five of the six high school girls attended the meet. Five girls entered in seven events. Those who went were Evan Means, Jaymie Sanchez, Jessie Garcia, Francis Sanchez, and Samantha Kuhlman.

Evan competed in Varsity Prose. She made it to Semi-Finals but did not make it to finals. For this meet, she read a new piece called "Never Clip Your Toenails Under the Influence of Drugs." Written by Sandy Maranto. Prose competition was held in the high school building.

Jesse entered Science. The Science competition was held in the Elementry building. Jesse did her best but did not place overall.

"The meet was really fun. It actually helped me get out of my comfort zone; it was very helpful. The science competition was, as expected, a little difficult. It was nice to be around kids that thought the same." Jesse states.

Francis competed in the science competition along with Jesse. She also participated in Calculator Applications. Even though she tried her best and gave her all, Francis did not place in either event.

Jaymie competed in Math. She did not place, but "the test was difficult" explains Jaymie. Math requires the use of a calculator, but you can not write anything down on paper.

Samantha entered Novice Prose and Social Studies. She did not place in the novice prose. She did not place in Social Studies.

Ms. Brownfield received ballots and score sheets before the girls left the meet that Friday night. All scores and results have been given by Ms. Brownfield.
"The meet was a learning experience that gave us girls an opportunity to go and compete. To get a feel for what the district meet may be like." Jaymie says.