Jessie Garcia to Receive DAR Award
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by Jessie Garcia -

Daughters of The American Revolution is a foundation created to promote the braveness of women who defend and promote a variety of important concepts. Founded in 1890 the foundation is set on the preservation of history, education, and patriotism, as stated in the official DAR website. It is a nonprofit organization that has been in order for over 100 years and uses around 185,000 women to volunteer around the world in order to help those in need and teach others.

With the success the initial foundation sparked, a second branch was created in order to diversify the members. A Daughters of The American Revolution youth program was started in 1901. This reaches out to students from grades K through 12 to promote an idea of good citizenship to the younger generation. On the official website that talks more of the youth program it lists off different programs that are available, such as the Creative expression and Community Services. You do apply on the website and you or your child will be chosen if they meet the qualifications which vary by grade.

Lastly, it was evident that high school students needed help and recognition for good behavior, and good citizenship among the community and district to which they belong. In 1935 the DAR Good Citizenship program was started which is only available to High School Seniors around the world. Only one student is chosen from each school per one year, that is if they qualify.

The DAR Program has impacted Valentine for years since Valentine was introduced to this. Multiple girls and boys have been nominated and chosen to receive the award for Valentine, and hopefully will continue to do so. For those that have received the award, it is well known how high the honor is and how much of a privilege it is to be chosen. This year, Valentine’s Senior Jessie Garcia has been chosen and will receive her award, it’s exciting to see who will receive it for the class of 2019!

For more information on all programs run by the Daughters Of The American Revolution please visit the following sites: