Veterans Day
Student Council  |  November 9, 2017 7:48 am  |  Article Hits: 210  |  A+ | a-

by Stetson Owen -

Veterans day was a great success. The school had a bunch of people show up and thank our veterans for their service. The veterans have made a great sacrifice.

The program started off with Mrs. Engle welcoming everybody to the school for the veterans day program. Then, everyone stood for the posting of the colors that was lead by Stetson Owen carrying the American flag and Elijah Mendez carrying the Texas flag. Followed by the pledge of allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner that was played by Jordan Miller on the piano. Then an Opening Prayer lead by Mrs. Engle.

After that, there was a video presentation made by Stetson Owen, then, a few speeches from a few people, then the kindergarten and Mrs. Kerley took over the stage by singing Yankee Doodle Dandy and reciting a poem called Poppy Poppy.

Then they were followed by the third through sixth graders singing Thank You Soldiers. After that, a few of the kids read some poems then took their seat. Then, the seventh though twelfth graders read a few quotes and poems. Jordan had written a poem that she didn't feel like reading, so she asked someone else to read it for her. Last but not least, was the National Moment of Silence followed by Taps played on the bugle then, America the Beautiful.

The program was over but the student council had helped with serving soup for the veterans and for all the students hard work paid off, They were awarded to have some soup also.