Come to Valentine ISD
Schoolwide News  |  October 31, 2017 8:07 am  |  Article Hits: 183  |  A+ | a-

by Lizett Rey -

Valentine I.S.D. is a fantastic school, well that's what everyone I know has been saying. This school is really great on keeping you on task. The teachers work with the students even on their busy schedule to help improve our (students) understanding on the subject or, of course, help increase our education.

However, there are more activities to do around here, such as doing Student Council, One Act Play, Volleyball, Basketball, and other UIL events. As doing these events, not just keep us entertained, it's also a memory for the books once we get out of High School. Being involved in these activities can also help yourself bond with the other students. As there are only limited students here, we all get along pretty well.

After all, as you enter Valentine I.S.D. you only see happy faces, the joy of the people being here and the laughter everyone has is such a positive energy.

Myself (Lizett Rey), as one of the new students this year, I can say I adore this school and this building. I'm proud to say I'm a Valentine Pirate, and I found my second home.