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Just Crickets
Just Crickets

by Lizett Rey -

It all started getting on the bus to school, when I notice that my friend Fancis Sanchez didn't arrive on the bus. She's probably the one I talk to the most since I have known her since we were kids.

Anyway, the school bell rang and I still had my other fellow classmates in my class. As the day went on, during my 6th period class, Evan was called to be signed out for the rest of the day. Once I saw she was leaving I was thinking to myself saying, “now who's going to keep me awake in our next class period.”

On the other hand, I still had Jessie and Stetson in my class. Not even 10 minutes into our 7th period class Stetson was signed out as well. I was like “mannn, gee when am I going to go out early. I still had Jessie in my class as her and I talked for a few minutes she tells me she's waiting for her older sister to check her out. Man, am I really going to stay a loner for the rest of the class. Not even 2 minutes she said she was leaving, the class phone rang, and sure enough it was for her.

After all, I won't be alone in athletics, hopefully. If I knew everyone was leaving early I would've just stayed home, but instead I'm here typing this story of how I was left alone.