It's Hawaiian Day!
Student Council  |  October 9, 2017 3:16 pm  |  Article Hits: 220  |  A+ | a-
Miguel and Evan
Miguel and Evan

by Samantha Kuhlman -

As you all know its Homecoming Week! Which means its time for a colorful and fun week ahead! This year's homecoming days are Hawaiian Day, Tough Enough to Wear Pink Day, Gender Switch Day, Pajama Day, and Spirit Day.

Monday's Hawaiian Day has come and hit in full force! Walk down the halls and there will be leis, grass skirts, and tropical colors everywhere!

Several of the high schoolers walked into the doors this morning in an array of colors and fake flower leis. The elementary students as well dressed up and exposed their inner Hawaiian side.

The teachers are even dressed in their floral shirts. Whether it be a full out Hawaiian shirt or just a colorful blouse, everyone is partaking in homecoming week's first eventful day!

Mrs. Engle, the Student Council sponsor, ordered the leis from Oriental Trading sometime last week for this particular day. She also ordered several other items for the other days this week.

Miguel Ramirez is one of the high schoolers that showed up very "Hawaiian" this morning. He has a lei around his head, bracelets and anklets made from leis, and a grass shirt on. Quite the West Texas Hawaiian right there, folks!

"I feel funny wearing all of these fake flowers, but its fun and it's making everyone laugh. The other two freshman girls, Samantha and Jaymie, made me wear all of these and I can see why now," says Miguel.

Jaymie Sanchez, who made her own flower crown is excited that she got to dress up Hawaiian and go all out.

"My sisters and I stayed up last night to make these flower crowns, and boy was it worth it! I love seeing everyone get into that Pirate Pride! Definitely one of my favorite days of homecoming week," says Jaymie.