High School Tennis  |  March 27, 2017 8:07 am  |  Article Hits: 175
by Bianca Porras -

Elvis travelled to Wink for a tournament on March 23rd. His first match of the day was against a junior from Big Lake. This turned out to be an extremely close matchup. The two players were all tied up at 8-8. Elvis prevailed 7-5 in the tie-breaker. Elvis easily won his second match 8-0 against a player from Pecos. He played a tennis player from Crane in his third semi-finals match. The beginning of the match was really close-went back and forth. Finally, Crane won 8-5.   READ MORE
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by Elvis "Iron Elk" Tarango -

On Monday April 18th Mr. Cook, Coach Bea, and I traveled to San Angelo for regional tennis. We woke up to an early match and defeat on Tuesday against a player from Rising Star that had won 1st place in his district. It was fun. I am not disappointed because I gave it all I had, he was just the better player.  READ MORE
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by Elvis "Iron Elk" Tarango -

This year in Valentine High School tennis there is only one player, Elvis Tarango. According to Coach Bea, he finished in 3rd place after a close game that cost him a trip to regionals, at the district tournament in Fort Davis. She explains she has seen some improvements in this athlete such as ball placement, quickness, harder strokes, and better serves.  READ MORE
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by Francis Sanchez -

The Valentine ISD sports year is coming to an end quickly. This year, the high school students have had a few sports going on. First the Jr high had a Track meet in Sanderson. Coach Flippen said that they did very good.   READ MORE
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by Elvis Tarango -

Tennis practice is off to an early start this year, as basketball practice does not conflict. According to Coach Porras, she strives to get the group consisting of Angeni Kemp, Francis Sanchez, Jessie Garcia, and Elvis Tarango, out on the courts every Tuesday and Thursdays.  READ MORE
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by Enrique Navarrete -

Regional Tennis is coming up and the mighty mighty Valentine High School Pirate tennis team is heading to regionals because they advanced!

Enrique Navarrete, and Gabriela Tarango, the seniors, are the mixed doubles team who advanced from district with the second place medal that they took home.  READ MORE
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by Abbey Hardie -

This year for VHS has been one of the best so far, considering that the students are sweeping the floors, or court that is, in academics and sports! This past district tennis meet concluded in everyone earning a medal, and half of the boys and girls going to regionals!  READ MORE