High School Cross County  |  October 24, 2017 10:29 am  |  Article Hits: 204
by Lonnie Flippen -

I need to apologize to Evan Means as I have "dropped the ball" - so to speak. Evan was the only Valentine Pirate to participate in cross country this year and due to conflicts with horse shows and other events, she was only able to run in two contests.   READ MORE
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by Lonnie Flippen --

Evan Hall has decided to change her usual competition practices and use her legs instead of her horse's legs. You see, Evan is well recognized across the state, as well as around the country, as quite the horse show competitor often winning all of the hardware that is presented to the winner such as buckles and other western items.   READ MORE
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by Lonnie Flippen -

Elvis Tarango continues to carry the Pirate flag as the only Cross Country runner so far this year. Elvis travelled to Wink on Saturday, September 10 to run in the Wildcat's Invitational Meet. Elvis finished in 36th place with a time of 22 minutes 29 seconds which was almost three minutes faster than the Van Horn Meet which was his first meet of the year.  READ MORE
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by Lonnie Flippen -

Elvis "Weather Delay" Tarango travelled to Van Horn on Thursday afternoon, September 1st for a cross country meet. Just like the last time that Elvis was scheduled to run at the state track meet last May, the weather decided to not cooperate and the boy's 3 mile run was delayed for over an hour. Just to remind those of you that followed Elvis last year, this young man is a sprinter and not necessarily a distance runner.  READ MORE
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by Lonnie Flippen --

Latham Garnsey represented Valentine and the West Texas area very well in Round Rock on Saturday afternoon, November 8th when he finished 12th overall in a field of 146 runners at the 2014 State Cross Country Meet. His time was 18:16.75. This closes his High School Cross Country career which saw him participate in the regional competition all four years of high school.  READ MORE
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by Rye Webb -

Latham is going to state in cross-country. The Pirate runners left on Friday, October 31st to San Angelo for Regionals. They got to Angelo and went and walked the course so they wouldn't be completely lost. They had an early night so that they would be wide awake the next morning.  READ MORE
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by Lonnie Flippen --

Latham Garnsey and Enrique Navarrete travelled to San Angelo on Saturday, November 1 to run in the Region II Cross Country Meet hosted by San Angelo State University. Latham finished in fourth place with a time of 17:37.06. Enrique finished 25th overall out of 129 runners with a time of 19:35.26.  READ MORE